RAK7268C System time missing daylight settings and sycn issues


  1. I can’t find where to adjust the daylight savings for the system time, can anyone explain how to get this done please?
  2. when i assign ntp pool servers with ntp enabled, it doesn’t pull the time from the set pool for example (0.ma.pool.ntp.org) as if it has no effects.
  3. when i change the time zone and save&apply the lora time returned by (MLME_DEVICE_TIME) is not the same as the set time zone but instead it’s UTC…?

can you please explain how to get these fixed as having the correct time is a critical part of the whole system.


Indeed, timestamps in the LoRaWAN gateway interface are supposed to be in UTC.

If you need localized time, do it at the level where you present results to a user.

But beware that having time rewind creates a lot of ambiguity compared to a measurement system that typically runs 24x7x365. Almost all serious computing is natively UTC, and localized only for display.

Thank you, i just wanted to make sure that it is what it is and it’s not a bug that will change in the future… we will implement the changes at the user level…

thanks :slight_smile:

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