Rak7268C with firmware 1.3.1_RAK b71 bug

Hello guys,
i have upgraded my wisGate lite 2 Rak7268C to WisgateOS version 1.3.1 Rak b71 and with the following settings my nodes are not able to connect to the gateway using LORaWan private mode:

the code on my nodes:

the SYNCWORD is set correctly on my nodes as shown in the code below:

as you can see with the above settings my gateway LoRa is off and the red light in flashing on and off slowly.

can someone please try these and confirm that it’s a bug and help me correct these issues…

Summary: with the above settings LoRa light is OFF and node configured in Private LoRaWan mode are not being seen by the gateway. if i change the node configuration to public then the gateway sees them even if the gateway is set to Private LoRaWan mode. so something is not right…