RAk7268CV2 gateway cannot login

I just bought a RAK7268Cv2 gateway (EU433) but it make crazy. Whatever how I try, I cannot go to the login with GUI page.

I plug my ethernet cable to the gatway so that the gateway can go to the intenet with this ethenet port

I had try to login with wifi AP mode with the hotspot SSID name RAK7268CV2_XXX using my PC, I dont need to input any password and sucess login the hot spot,my PC can go to internet by typing somehitng on chrome. I enter 192/168.230.1 on my browser on my PC, but the browser cursor always just turning even wait for 10 mins. I user my router app to look a the IP of gateway , it is at 192/168.191, so I enter this IP on the browser too, it show the same resutls, the browser cursor just show turing for lon without any GUI page can been see

it seen the gateway have something wrong but it is blank new. Does anyone know what happended ?

HI @rocky56hk1 This sound strange. Can you try to make a factory restore? Hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds with a powered gateway. After 2-3 minutes try to access the gateway WebUI again.

already do the factory, the same.
Finally i use the lan cable directly connect between the gatway and my pc according the instruction on the web, type the ip 169.254.xx.xx which the 2 bytes value is the last 2 bytes of the gateway of eui, then it can sucess enter the setup page.
then unplug the lan cable from my pc, connect the gateway to my router again vs the cable.
my PC login to the wifi of my router, i sucees see the gatway connected on things network.i also sucess add the end device on it and see the payload.

However, when i use my pc login to gateway, wifi hot spot RAV7268…, then type something on browser, it can go to the internet, however when i enter on my browser, the cursor on the browser just turning very long without the gui page pop up. . i dont use the ap mode relogin the wifi with my router ssid, enter the IP which my router display the gateway connecting to it, it is the same, the cursor is just turning for very long.

i had tried with different browsee, chrome, edge, 360, firefox, the results the same. i try to stop my anti virus programe, it is the same

i re login using the cable direct connect to the gateway and pc together, it work again, i try to update the firmware but it is version 2.11 even much newer than those on the web 1.1x.

i am wondering will it be firmware bug, what is the most update version ?why it is even newer than on the web

You have WisGate Edge V2 which run WisGateOS2 index - powered by h5ai v0.30.0 (https://larsjung.de/h5ai/)
Please make a support request at [email protected] We will check for possible issues.

hi already fixed few days ago. I thought it was dur to the gateway using self sign certificate and my window are doing window update on background which stop on unsafe task. after manually do the windowm update until it finish, i can login the page with gui