RAK7268V2 Firmware Update Fails

I’m trying to update my RAK7268V2 from WisGateOS_2.1.7_RAK to WisGateOS2 V2.2.0 which shows as the current version on this page Firmware | RAKwireless Documentation Center

The file uploads ok, and says its flashing but drops out from flashing without updating without any warning. Have attached a picture from discord CDN, which is the upgrade button i push and screen it keeps dropping back too after starting to flash without updating.

Hi @ccall48 To successfully update to the WisGateOS2 2.2.x the gateway needs to have internet access. It needs to check the validity of the firmware certificate and also to update the Extensions installed(if any).

I mean of course its online.

so is there an error with the firmware on your site? or is the wrong one listed for the device at the link i provided and it is dropping out because of this?

The link and firmware downloaded via the link are working fine.
Can you confirm that the SD card is in place? You can check visually or via the WIsGateOS - Settings - File Browser.
YOu can try to make a factory reset on 2.1.7 and then try to update to 2.2.0.

I joined it to the rak cloud and pushed the fuota update to 2.1.8 which it says it has done.
I will try to update to 2.2.0 later when i get back home and report back.

yeh the sdcard is in the unit and as far as i can tell its logging etc to it.