RAK7268V2 how to add tracker device into gateway

Hi there
I have got RAK7268V2 gateway and RAK2171 Tracker.
The gateway is running as Built-in network server.
I tried to add tracker device to the gateway.
Issue is I can’t add end device of tracker automatically with application type UNIFIED.
Well if I add tracker end device manually, the “End Device Address” is empty.

I really appreciate any help!


Hello @qding2008,

When using RAK2171 the Trackit app automatically makes the application and registers the device.
Please follow the guide shown here: RAK2171 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Nikola Semov

Hi Nikola
I got two RAK2171 (black and white) and both them have added using Trackit app one month before, black one was setup for LoraWan and Third Party NS, the white one was Lora P2P. Later the black tracker was registered to my lorawan gateway and I don’t know or forgot how it did.
Now I try to add the another white tracker to gateway, I changed it to Third Party NS from Trackit App, and add new application for it from gateway as first my message mentioned.
Now my lorawan gateway:

  1. two applications in the list, black one (RAK_Tracker) is working and i can see the number of packets of dateRate. the White one is not working, I added it in Applications and not End Device so far. see the attached pic
  2. the gateway capture: I found 4 unknown devices (4800005,4800003,48000045, and N/A), I have lorawan gateway, two RAK trackers, RAK hotspot, and Two other brand lora watermeters. I wonder if they are the unknown devices and how I add them into gateway? see second pic.
    Many Thanks

Hi Nikola
I think I found the problem of that the white tracker couldn’t be added to Gateway, the white tracker has already been added to the https://console.helium.com. so one device can only be added to one application, is it right?


Hello @qding2008 ,
Yes, this is correct you can add it in only one network server.
Or to be correct you can register the device in two different network servers, but it can join in only one of them.

Nikola Semov

Yes, I changed it to one network server.
many thanks.