RAK7289 16 Channel Issue WisGateOS 1.3.1

I have a RAK7289 gateway with two Lora modules and I am running WisgateOS version 1.3.1. From the “Channel Plan” tab of the GUI I have set-up 16 channels.
The problem is that if I power-cycle the gateway this configuration get lost and in the GUI I only see the initial 8 channels.
By rolling back to the WisGateOS 1.2.2 version this issue dosen’t show-up.

Hello @Warco_95,
I think that this may be caused by a bug that we are investigating in 1.3.1.
One of the default values in the configuration is preventing your settings from saving.
I’m still not sure if this will solve your problem but it is worth trying:
After flash/restore to default go in “System->System” and change the “System log buffer” size
value to 128 then “Save & Apply” and everything should be fine.

Best Regards

Hi Nikola,
I changed the log buffer size to 128 but the issue is still there.
When I reboot the gateway I lose the 16 channel configuration.

Hmm, can you send me pictures of the lost configuration on the channel page as well as the configuration before the powercycle?

Hi Nikola,
here you are the screenshot

Thank you,