Rak7289 Gateway static IP Configuration Error

The installation environment is available only for static IP, so I want to set it up.
When I set it up, errors keep occurring, so I can’t change it like the screenshot below.

I’d like to know the solution.

And I tried to connect to the Wi-Fi AP as described in the manual, but it didn’t work, so I connected the LAN to my laptop, and I’m setting it up this way.

Hello @song ,

Please provide us with more information like:
Did you register the gateway in WisDM?
Maybe you can also provide some more detailed information about the “Internal Server Error”.
Also please share the firmware version of the gateway.
Do you want to use it in LAN or Wireless mode?


I have never registered WisDM, and I have updated the firmware version using the file WisgateOS_2.2.0_RAK_b70_RAK636.rwi

And I don’t know how to use LAN mode, can you tell me?
I tried WI-FI AP mode according to the manual, but I couldn’t connect.

I didn’t register WisDM,
It’s registered on chirpstack, is there a problem??

You can try to set the static address here under LAN and not under WAN:

Please try that and you should be able to set the Static address.

You have selected ethernet from the LAN menu, but you cannot set the static address.

I can’t see where to set the static address.

I don’t know why.

A static address was registered normally after the gateway was factory reset.

Thank you.

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