RAK7289 initial log in password incorrect

Issue: Brand new RAK7289CV2 out of the box, get to web browser log in screen and attempt to log in with password “root” per the documentation and it says “Incorrect password” and doesn’t allow access.

Setup:LoRa Antenna connected, POE and LAN connected per documentation.

LoRa® Server:

Details: Can pull up the log in page on both the router assigned IP and the MAC address specific 169.254.x.x. WIFI AP mode does not seem to work either, WLAN light does not come on (PWR, ETH, LoRa1 lights do come on) got MAC from the router and there is no RAK7289_ that ever comes up on several devices available networks lists, used the last four of the MAC and attempted to connect to a possible hidden connection with no luck (tried caps and lower case on the MAC characters). Tried factory reset button several times holding down over 10 secs to over 30 seconds with no apparent change and still unable to log in. Browser log in page shows WisGateOS 2.1.4. Also attempted to SSH in to the IP addresses with “Access denied” with login attempts as user “root” and password “root”. Also connected directly to computer, changed IPv4 on the computer and was able to reach the log in page but still unable to log in with the root password.
Any assistance is appreciated.

Hello @jsvanauken ,

With WisGateOSV2 you have to set the password on the first login RAK7289V2/RAK7289CV2 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

The password is not “root”.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Hi, I am having a very similar issue:

Can access login page via a LAN connection. However on first access I was prompted for a username and password, not set a new password. I have tried to access the login page via WIFI and direct ethernet connection with no success. I have been following the documentation provided.
Only PWR and LoRa1 lights are on, LTE light is flashing on (network searching).
Are you able to advise? Any assistance is appreciated.

Hello @LSmith ,

Hold the reset button for about 6 seconds to factory reset the device. Then you will be able to see the Set Password page when accessing the gateway for the first time.

Nikola Semov