RAK7289 Measure distance

Hi, i’m have a working gateway RAK7289 with active working nodes outdoors.
The nodes are GPS Trackers MOKOSMART LW001-BG PRO.
Does anybody have measure distance of nodes by the frequency or a similar solution?.
I have the GPS data of the node but i need to improve the accuracy of it so i need the distance between the node and the gateway,
This is a current live device data:

"applicationID": "2",

"applicationName": "YMS",

"devEUI": "c46ba8ffffd717dd",

"deviceName": "A10",

"timestamp": 1670020352,

"fCnt": 4,

"fPort": 2,

"data": "2316E00207E60C0211201FFB09105B8546C49B38B20E",

"data_encode": "hexstring",

"object": {

    "analogInput": 43.84


"adr": true,

"rxInfo": [


        "gatewayID": "ac1f09fffe08f06d",

        "loRaSNR": 10.3,

        "rssi": -85,

        "location": {

            "latitude": 27.43807,

            "longitude": -99.64591,

            "altitude": 167


        "time": "2022-12-02T22:32:32.000965Z"



"txInfo": {

    "frequency": 904100000,

    "dr": 3



Any help or orientation is appreciated, Thank you all