[RAK7289 V2] frequency question

Data transmission is failing only at certain frequencies, and I don’t know the cause.

The specific frequency is: 922.5Mhz.
The country was designated as KR920, and the settings screen is pictured below.

Please note that we have also uploaded a log photo of the transmission result sent from RAK3172 and the status value received from the Thirpstack application server.

Hi @song can you try to make the interval between the sent command longer? Also which is the RAK3172 firmware?

the version is 4.0.6
Even if you try to lengthen the transmission interval, communication at 922.5Mhz will fail.

## LOG ##

Hello Song,

I run a quick test with RAK3172

  • KR920
  • WisGate RAK7268 V1
  • TTS LoRaWAN server

I can’t reproduce your problem. All frequencies work for up and downlink. I used confirmed messages.

But I have setup the gateway to 8 channels, I know from your other post that you want to use 13 channels.
Can you try to set both the gateway and your LoRaWAN server to use only the first 8 channels and check if the problem is still there.

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thank you
This issue occurred because extra frequency were set to the network server’s default frequency range.

Now it is working normally as you mentioned.
Could you please tell me how to print the log in the picture below?

I have “+EVT:SEND_CONFIRMED_OK” No output other than messages.


Hi @song

I am running a custom firmware on my RAK3172, written with RUI3.
The additional output is coming from my custom firmware.


I really gained a lot of information.

This product must now be mass-produced.


Thank you!
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