RAK7289C Basic station wont start after reboot

Configuring Wisgate Edge Pro RAK7289C with AWS using basic station. Created a gateway in AWS and configured the Wisgate for basic station with TLS and it connects to AWS as it should, but after cycling the power it will not re-connect to AWS and the LoRa LED on the gateway is off. If I go into the webUI, select the LoRa Network Settings page all info is there. If I simply press the Save&Apply button but change nothing in the setup the changes are applied and the gateway instantly connects to AWS. If I then cycle power to the gateway it does not connect after powering up. GW firmware is latest 1.3.4_RAK b113. The WisDM feature is disabled.

Hello @ec3,

This is a known bug in 1.3.4. Please update to 1.3.5 from here.

thank you that worked. You may want to udpate your ‘latest firmware’ link on the RAK7289C page.

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