RAK7289C configuration issues

I currently have a total of 264 Axioma brand nodes installed that must transmit to my RAK7289C gateway, then it will send them to Chirpstack via LTE in Packet Forwarder mode. I need shipments to be made every 8 hours but this is not happening. I’m trying to find the solution but I can’t find it.

Regarding the configuration that I have is the following:

I don’t quite understand how the beacon works and if that configuration is correct. On the server I am receiving packages from many counters but many shipments that should be made fail.
On the server I get many logs of “Uplink was flagged as re-transmission / frame-counter did not increment”, “COLLISION_BEACON”, “Exception generated by quickjs: [eval_script]:123 unexpected token in expression: at eval_script:123” and “TOO_EARLY”, in this order of frequency. Could you explain to me what the function of each of them is?

Another question, as I understand it, since my RAK has 8 channels, it can simultaneously receive 8 shipments distributed among the channels. My question is, how long should it take for the gateway to receive another one? As soon as the shipment is finished?

Lastly, it’s not clear to me if the 1% rule applies per device or per user. I would be complying with the rule, right?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you so much