RAK7289C customize json format

i use packet forwarder mode and receive up link such as :
“rxInfo”: {
“mac”: “ac1f09fffe091a96”,
“timestamp”: 176850471,
“gpsTimestamp”: 1375878838540,
“time”: “2023-08-12T12:33:40.541148Z”,
“frequency”: 868500000,
“channel”: 2,
“rfChain”: 1,
“crcStatus”: 16,
“rssi”: -78,
“size”: 23,
“codeRate”: “4/5”,
“loRaSNR”: 11.5,
“dataRate”: {
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“spreadFactor”: 7,
“bandwidth”: 125
“board”: 0,
“antenna”: 0
“phyPayload”: “gEawMQKHBwAHAwMHBv8FCPQCu+lv7Uw=”

i need send payload as a json packet by own structure,how i can change default json structure?




Welcome to RAK forum @hadi987 ,

You can change that format on the packet-forwarder code itself. Not impossible but I rarely see that. What you can do is probably create some integration on your backend that can parse those values. This is more scalable solutions since you are following the standard packet-forwarder which supports different gateways without any customization needed.

Thank you
How we can change json format on packet forwarder?
Our backend structure is designed and it is impossible to change signal tree(in database ,broker and…)so the gateway should be send (forward) received packet to Mqtt broker base on pre defined structure, could you inform your suggestion?

thanks for your reply,
yes i need send own structure for example we need gateway forward received packet to broker such as: