RAK7289C "SIM Card Not Found"

Good day

I have firmware 1.3.9_RAL b186 installed (Latest at time of posting). And I have tried several SIM Cards which I know work, as they work in GPS units with the same APN name. Under Status > Overview I see that under “Cellular” it says Signal Level: No Service
Network: SIM Card Not Found

This cannot be right and I have restarted the gateway 2 or 3 times since inserting a SIM card. As mentioned, multiple SIMs used and work perfectly when put in a very small GSM GPS.

Please advise??

Hi Guys, any clues on this? I’ve tried 2 simcards. Both working in RAK7268C gateways, but not in this one. Power cycling or restarting does not help.

Need to deploy this gateway soon.