RAK7289CV2 Beaconing Suspended Indefinitely

The RAK7289CV2 we have configured for class B beaconing via basics station suspends beaconing after startup and never resumes.

Basics station setup to point at AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.
Basics station server type is “LNS Server”.
Authentication mode is TLS Server and Client Authentication
Ethernet and Cellular backhaul are enabled and functional.

LoRa® Server:
AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

We are trying to enable Class B operation modes using the RAK7289CV2 using AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN. After configuration of the basics station, we get two logs regarding beaconing, described below:

Tue Mar 21 21:04:57 2023 user.info basicstation[2979]: [S2E:INFO] Beaconing every 2m8s on 923.3MHz(5) @ DR8 (frame layout 5/11/23)
Tue Mar 21 21:04:57 2023 user.info basicstation[2979]: [S2E:INFO] Beaconing suspend - missing GPS data: time

I suppose this means that the beaconing has been suspended due to lack of GPS time data. Later on in the log, I see a GPS move followed by a lock

Tue Mar 21 21:04:57 2023 user.info basicstation[2979]: [GPS:INFO] GPS move 0.0000000,0.0000000 => 35.0863724,-106.6460114 (alt=1520.5 dilution=0.740000 satellites=12 quality=1)
Tue Mar 21 21:06:11 2023 user.info basicstation[2979]: [GPS:INFO] GPS fix: 35.0864067,-106.6460266 alt=1520.6 dilution=0.790000 satellites=12 quality=1

However, after the successful GPS lock, the beaconing never resumes. Nowhere in the log file do we see any TXs on the beaconing frequency or the datarate, just regular uplinks and downlinks.

There does not seem to be a radio_conf.pps : true in station.conf.
My understanding is that this needs to be set to true to enable GPS time syncs.

This beaconing frequency and datarate is as configured in AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN and the ping slot period is set to 128 seconds.

We see the exact same behavior when configuring the RAK7289CV2 for Basics Station with an instance of the The Things Stack. The beaconing begins and then is suspended just as when the gateway is pointed at AWS.

We have had success enabling class B mode with the onboard network server. With the onboard network server, we see the beacons scheduled every 128 seconds and our devices are able to sync time with the network server and lock onto the beacons.

When should the beacons resume and how should they be represented in the logs?

Thanks in advance for the help!