RAK7289CV2 doesn't use the primary interface

we’ve two RAK7289CV2 at customer side. For radio backup reasons we use a lte sim card. The Gateway is behind a firewall, but all ports the RAK support have given, are outbound open. The configured tracking ip’s in the primary interface are pingable from the ssh console. but the gateway always use the secondary (LTE) interface.

Firmware Version: 2.1.4

Any ideas why?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hello, @nextwerk and welcome to the RAK forum,

Please check what is the priority of the interfaces:

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Hey Nikola,
thanks for your reply.
Its 1.) Ethernet, 2.) Cellular 3.) Wifi


Here the Tracking settings:

Hello @nextwerk ,
Please try rebooting the gateway.
Also, send me the log files on DM.

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Nikola Semov

Hello @Nikola ,
I’ve used the support form in WisDM and granted you 1 week access to the Gateway.


Hello @Nikola,
did you received the support form ticket?


I meant to send me the logs in a direct message here in the forum.

Mhm, there is no message button visible for me in your profile. :frowning:

Problem solved. The firewall admin forgot to allow the icmp protocol. :see_no_evil:

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