RAK7289CV2 latest FW, Frontend not responding?

hi Guys,
just testing a brand new RAK7289CV2, managed to configure it to run it on WISDM and TTNv3 with basis station.
But now the frontend does not respond anymore.
Any idea?

In WISDM it says that 2.11 is old FW but there is empty FW directory

Thanks for Help

Hello @wwbusch,

What do you men by frontend does not respond? I need more info about this.
As for the WisDM reporting old firmware, this is a bug that we are working on and very soon there will be version 2.2 that will clear this.

Best Regards,

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Hi Nikola,

After reboot i could login but than there was all the time a circle moving around. i had set the debug mode into very detailed, seems that this was not very clever, after reinstalling the configuration and setting it to non debug mode it is all fine.

Still will monitor it after the device is on its test installation.


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