RAK7289v2 doesnt transmit downlink from Chirpstack v4

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently ran into a problem where 3 of my RAK7289v2 gateways are not transmitting any downlinks coming from my Chirpstack v4 network server. I noticed that my Chirpstack network server does not receive any “txack” messages from the gateways and my downlinks are stuck in the downlink queue without being processed. My gateways use the packet forwarder (Semtech UDP) to communicate with the network server. I have done a factory reset on all the gateways and have updated the gateways to the latest WisOS2 firmware but that hasnt fixed the problem. The gateways have been working just fine with Chirpstack v4 for the past few months but as of last week, only uplinks are able to reach my network server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @ameerhazo Can you provide system logs from one of the gateways? It will be better if the Log level is set to debug.

Hello @velev, thank you for the prompt reply. Should I provide the logs in DEBUG mode right after I put a downlink in a queue?

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Hi @velev, I’ve been trying to make sense of what I’m looking out for in the system logs when a downlink doesnt work. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Hello @velev, attached to this message is the most current log file of one of my gateways.
20240618114139.log (596.6 KB)