RAK7289V2 downgrade firmware

I want to downgrade the firmware from WisGateOS_2.1.4_RAK to WisGateOS_1.2.3. In the administration I only can upload files with type RWI. But WisGateOS_1.2.3 is a BIN file.
How can I change the firmware with ssh directly?

I must downgrade, because I use a special packet forwarder from out LNS Loriot, which runs only with this early version of firmware.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @AndreasK It is not possible to use WisGateOS on “V2” hardware. WisGateOS 1.x.x is compatible with RAK7258/RAK7268/RAK7240/RAK7249/RAK7289. WisGtaeOS2 2.x.x. is only compatible with RAK7268V2/RAK7289V2/RAK7240V2.

Also, the Loriot binary is not related to the used OS, but to the LoRa concentrator inside. The one currently available is for SX1301 LoRa chips. RAK7289V2 uses SX1303. Please reach Loriot support and they will provide you updated version. It will be official soon. :slight_smile: