RAK7289V2 extend range

Hello, I am using the RAK7289V2 with the built in server. In short time I need to extend the LoRa-Range.
So I guess this is done by using a second device or maybe an RAK7268V2. Is it possible that they communicate over the buit in Wifi? Is there a documentation somewhere how to do this?

Thanks for the help

Hello @Staldner ,

You can add a second WisGate Edge gateway to forward packets and be managed by your existing one if that is what you want.

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Nikola Semov

Hello Nikola

Sounds good so far. So the second Edges Gateway config would be packet forwarder and it has to set in the built in server Gateway as Extender Gateway?
So its generally possible with only using Wifi connection on the forwarder Edge gateway?
Some time ago I changed IP Adresses into the customers range(10.31.x.x). And at the time the wifi IP adress was somehow restricted to an certain private range( cant rembember which) , is this still like it or can be fixed with an OS update?

Thanks and Regards

Yes, you will add the new gateway as an extender gateway and the only thing you need is to provide an internet connection to both gateways so they can communicate (or LAN/WLAN connection).

Not sure about restrictions in a specific range, have to check that.

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