RAK7289V2/RAK7289CV2 LBT Extension not working after update to version firmware os 2.2.2 or os 2.2.1

My gateway is the “RAK7289V2/RAK7289CV2” bought on your store (I bought 20 gateways) at the link Industrial outdoor LoRaWAN gateway, LoRa Gateway, 8 channel LoRa Gateway

Up to OS version 2.2.0 the plug in works correctly, updating the firmware to more recent versions stops working like version 2.2.2
Product: WisGate Edge Pro

When I use the plugin the following appears in the gateway log:
Tue Mar 26 16:00:39 2024 user.debug restify: run_with_privilege is invoked!!!
Tue Mar 26 16:00:39 2024 user.info restify: - - [26/Mar/2024 16:00:39] “GET /extensions/com_rak_country_settings/country-lbt-info/IT/EU868 HTTP/1.0” 200 -