RAK7391 battery recharding?

Hopefully a simple question for a newbie/non-engineer considering the RAK7391.

Does the board include circuitry (or a module) to recharge an attached rechargeable battery or battery pack when the board is plugged into an AC adapter.

Thank you.

Hi Dave

We have already talked about thi but let me add my answer here in case someone else is interested in this.

The RAK7391 does not have any charging circuit on board. Since the device is not as lowpower as a sensor/node can be. But there are some options to achieve what you need:

  1. We are working on the compatibility with the RAK Battery Plus, which is the battery and solar panel solution for the WisGate Edge Pro gateway.
  2. You can use a small 12V UPS between the AC power source and the RAK7391. The power consumption of the RAK7391 depends on the modules you are using but you can estimate around 7-10W. Choose your UPS based on that.