RAK7391 with 2 RAK5146 USB concentrators

We have a RAK7391 server with 2 RAK5146 USB concentrators installed. We have 2 concentrators to maximise the coverage of LoRa devices communicating to the gateway. We also require the GPS location on the LNS (Chirpstack in this case).

We already have a UDP packet forwarder running on one of the concentrators as the LoRa Basicstation does not forward the GPS location to the LNS.

What is the best way to utilise the hardware that we have as best as possible? Should we run 2 UDP packet forwarders or can the UDP packet forwarder be configured to handle 2 concentrators? Is there an alternative to the UDP packet forwarder that will be better suited for the task?

Any help would be appreciated?

Hello @christolinde ,

As for now if you want to have GPS location forwarded to the Chirpstack server you will need to use UDP Packet Forwarder. You can run a second Packet Forwarder for the second concentrator and register it as a different gateway in the Chirpstack LNS. Make sure to rename the Docker instance for the second PF and also use a different interface for forming the gateway EUI in the second PF.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Thank you for your reply.
I am struggling with the configuration of the UDP packet forwarders. Specifically the configuration of the following:

  1. SX130x_conf->clksrc : Should it be enabled in both the UDP packet forwarders?
  2. SX130x_conf->sx1261_conf->lbt->channels : Should I configure 16 channels in both UDP packet forwarders?
  3. SX130x_conf->chan_multiSF_x : Should I configure both UDP packet forwarders with 16 channels or 8 channels in one and 8 in the other?
  4. gateway_conf->beacon_xxx : Should both UDP packet forwarders define beacon parameters?

I would appreciate some guidance on the above.