RAK7431 and RAK7248 Application EUI

i am trying to connect a 7431 to a 7248. The example in the documents has it connecting to a 7249. I can follow until it says to use the Application EUI. Where do i find this at on the 7248? thank you

The difference between the WisGate Edge RAK7249 and the WisGate Developer RAK7248 is that only the Edge gateways have an internal LoRaWAN server. The Developer gateways do not have this As the guide is written for the internal LNS, it does not apply to the RAK7248.

If you want to use a Developer gateway, you have to

  • either install Chirpstack as LNS on the RAK7248 (already installed on latest firmware of RAK7248)
  • or connect the RAK7248 to an external LNS (e.g. Chirpstack on another RPi or TTN)

You can follow the Connecting with Chirpstack guide to install Chirpstack on the RAK7248 or connect it to an external Chirpstack installation.

yes i am using chirpstack.

If you are using Chirpstack, you do not need the AppEUI. Chirpstack uses only the DevEUI and the AppKey for OTAA.

is it a problem if the RAK7431 has an AppEUI programmed into it? Is that why it is failing to connect? do i just put in zeros?


Chirpstack will just ignore the AppEUI, you can leave it as it is.

Are the gateway and the RAK7431set to the same LoRaWAN region? In Chirpstack, in the gateway tab, do you see the gateway connected?

In the gateway view in Life LoRaWAN Frames, do you see any activity?