RAK7431 join not accepted

I am using RAK5146 along with Chirpstack gateway OS !

LNS are internal in OS as well as external hosted by myself , both are chirpstack LNS, I have configured all the things and also fetched data (in event) in LNS.

Now, I came across one problem that after 40-50 min this node (RAK7431) goes offline or what I don’t know , but join request is not accepted by Network Server , also CLASS changes From C to A. can anyone tell is this from server side issue , gateway problem or it’s in node ?

Good morning,

All gateway should operate in Class C, because a Class C behavior is that listen/talk all the time. A Class A device use to be your endnodes, because they will listen only after to talk.

About the LNS, you should configure in the server side 3 LoRa keys devices and join mode OTAA.

A important easy thing it is to know if the LNS is configure in LSB(Least Signficant Bit) or MSB(Most Significant Bit) and the IDs must to be the same in the endnode side and LNS side.

  1. DevEUI: 8 pairs of hexadecimal to identify the device
  2. AppEUI: 8 pairs of hexadecimal to identify the application that it has a group of endnodes with a similar behavior/configuration
  3. Appkey: 8 pairs of hexadecimal to encript the application package to be sent in a secure mode

This should be defined in LNS or Gateway ? I have Enabled Class C support in LNS (I am using Chirpstack). and End node is defined to CLASS A ,
is this correct ?

Any idea on this ? even if node sends JOIN requests almost over 24 Hrs , server is not accepting them ! I am unable to figure it out …

Do you have the gateway log in the LoRa Network Server, when the gateway is trying to do the join?

A basic check list: Do you already check the Gateway EUI is correct, I mean: Is the Gateway EUI correctly configured in the LNS?

What is your LNS? TTN?

The Gateway can be disconnected but it is correctly configured, it will retry the join and the LNS will accept the request.