RAK7431 Modbus Data to Chirpstack on RAK7248

RAK7431 connected to a Modbus sensor providing Temp and Humidity.
formatted in Transparent mode, polling every 60 seconds.
I have used the command AT+addpoll=1:020300000002C438
This works great and it is sending to the RAK7248 that has chirpstack installed.
My data is coming in like this.

From this string i can tell that the data is correct. Now I have 2 questions.
If i add
AT+ADDPOLL=2:0103000000002C40B it gives me confirmation that it is added. and i can do AT+poll and see the following
So if i know that i am getting an answer for polling ID 1 and then i have a second polling ID, Where does that data display. Ultimately i am going to need to parse this string for usable data but i only get data for polling ID 1 and not the others

i learned that it doesnt send all of the data in one payload. It sends a payload for each poll. 10 seconds apart