RAK7431 : Support for DOWN link Message


RAK7431 for Node Device and RAK7289 As Gateway.
Class 3 is set.

We successfully send Uplink message from RAK7431 to RAK7289 and also receive final payload over MQTT.

For RAK7431 we set modbus read register (3) query in polling mode and modbus Response send over lora to mqtt in transparent mode.

Now We required to sent Modbus Write Query from MQTT to RAK7431 Node and set register in over Device.

So can you please share the method to do this.

With Regards,

Hello @maulin and welcome to RAK forum,

Please refer to this part of the documentation: RAK7431 AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Nikola Semov

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for Instant Replay.

I will Explore your reference Document.

But can you please share details regarding P2P mode.

Can I send Modbus Query directly from MQTT over Modbus without Polling time?
Can I send Custom command(non modbus) over RS485?

With Rergards,