RAK7431 to RAK7431

Hi folks, is there a possibility to connect two rak7431 togheter , I mean sensor rs485 to rak7431 —rak7431 to rs485 receiver?

Hello @usernvr, and welcome to the RAK forum,
As far as I understood you want to connect two RAK7431 using their LoRa interface, right?
RAK7431 does not support that functionality, the device is made to connect to a gateway, not to another end node.


Thank you, could you explain me the setting point2point available in the configuration page?

Do you mean this AT command:

This AT command sets values MODBUS or P2P depending on if you will use the MODBUS protocol or just the RS232 interface. In other words, it is not a setting for the LoRaWAN interface.


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