RAK7431 Uplink not Recognized as non-mac command uplink by Wisgate 7268C

I have multiple RAK7431 deployed with multiple RAK7268C and RAK7268CV2 in a large site. After deployed and normally running for at least a month, some of the 7431 nodes uplinks are not normally recognized as an uplink event in Chirpstack V4 (i.e. the uplinks for these nodes appears in the gateway histories, but not in each of the nodes’ event).

After connecting to one of the wisgate and log the packet history, the patterns seems weird that the uplink payload of these nodes are normal and exactly the same length of each poll registered, but all of them are wrongly recognized as DEVICETIMEREQ even they are not fport 0.

*Both payload size 23 and 35 are my polls in the normal routine

    "freq": 923400000,
    "chan": 1,
    "tmst": 1141110291,
    "utmst": 1709801721542,
    "rfch": 0,
    "stat": 1,
    "rssi": -92,
    "size": 49,
    "modu": "LORA",
    "datr": "SF9BW125",
    "codr": "4/5",
    "lsnr": 12.5,
    "data": "QJKACwIBpDANBGwsCfAuTCkL8jL+qDVUgaFpRzOdSWbineq/vtGC0XGUuS/27DkexA=="
    "MHDR": {
        "MType": "Unconfirmed Data Up",
        "RFU": 0,
        "Major": 0
    "MACPayload": {
        "FHDR": {
            "DevAddr": "020B8092",
            "FCtrl": {
                "ADR": false,
                "ADRACKReq": false,
                "ClassB": false,
                "ACK": false,
                "FOptsLen": 1
            "FCnt": 12452,
            "FOpts": [
                    "CID": "DeviceTimeReq"
        "FPort": 4,
        "FRMPayload": "04 6C 2C 09 F0 2E 4C 29 0B F2 32 FE A8 35 54 81 A1 69 47 33 9D 49 66 E2 9D EA BF BE D1 82 D1 71 94 B9 2F "
    "MIC": "EC391EC4"

Is there any way to solve the issue? Or is there any config I can set to avoid this situation in the server side?

I have the same issue (all payloads recognized as DEVICETIMEREQ). Did you find a solution?