RAK7431 vs custom build?

Just wanting to compare…

  1. Opening up the rak7431 and putting into a more weatherproof enclosure (either rakbox b4 or unifi enclosure) for outdoor use or

  2. Make my own with the 5005-0, rak4630 and the rak5802 in a unifi or B4 enclosure.

Would there be available code to mimic the 7431 (or at least for the same end result)?

Hi Andy,

If you open the RAK7431 you will see that it is build with WisBlock modules, so rebuilding with WisBlock modules would not make much difference.

But the RAK7431 firmware is not open-sourced, so you will have to write it from scratch.

Ok, much as I thought. Wish I had realized it was built with wisblock, I would have taken it out and put it in a B4 outdoor enclosure. Would have fitted perfectly!
Thanks @beegee !

It is not 100% WisBlock, it is using either the RAK4200 EVB or the RAK4270 EVB.