[RAK749]-[RAK4631] Using RAK4631 as a LoRa node

I’m using RAK7249 as a gateway and trying to add the RAK4631 as a node on AWS IoT core. I have the DeviceEUI but from where do I obtain the nodeAppEUI and nodeAppKey for RAK4631 ?

I assume these two field can be obtaining by registering these nodes on to the built-in LoRa server of RAK7249, but I can’t find any tutorial regarding that. I am following this documentation :

Hello Rommel,

we have a complete guide in our Knowledge Hub: RAK Edge Gateway Starter Kit Guide

Thanks for attaching the guide. I was able to add the node by changing the gateway’s mode from basic station to network server.

Glad it helped.
I am wondering how we can make these tutorials easier to find.