I have a RAK811 based setup that connects successfully to a network and able to send data uplink, however I have 2 problems:

  1. Every once in a while I get “[LoRa]: LORA_EVENT_UNKNOWN 4”. What does it mean ?
  2. I cant reliably send data from server downlink to the device.
    Sometimes it doesnt pass through and I get the message “[LoRa]: LORA_EVENT_UNKNOWN 4”.
    Sometimes I get a proper recv line that looks like this: “at+recv=6,-28,32,4:010064ff” (what do the -28,32,4 stand for ? couldn’t find it in the documentation. I know 6 is the port)

“at+recv=A,B,C,D”:A -> port,B -> RSSI,C -> SNR,D -> datasize.
“[LoRa]: LORA_EVENT_UNKNOWN 4”This bug has been fixed, you can update the latest firmware to check, thank you for asking.