RAK811 Breakboard support for UART2 in RUI online compiler

A program compiled with RUI throw an error (1) if UART2 is initialized when running. However if UART3 is initialized returns OK (0).

Unfortunately RAK811 breakout board does’t have connections between UART3 (PB10,PB11)

It seems that UART2 have connections routed to header pins(PA2,PB3).

It is possible to add compatibility in RUI for UART2 ??

Hi @mmelo,

You can only use UART1 and UART3 on RAK811 breakout board, because UART2 hasn’t been connected out.

Ok. WisNode LoRa schematic on the website is incomplete. Not all headers have pinout names and numbers, and mikrobus is drawn there but there is not such thing ( header) in the actual pcb board