RAK811 Breakout questions

I want to build a free-flight model tracker and the RAK822 breakout board would be ideal except that it is too big to physically fit so I will need to build my own board like it but with custom software and hardware. I have not been able to determine the values of the antenna matching components L1, C1 and C2. Please can someone tell me what values are used on the breakout board and also suitable types so I can buy some.

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HI @mangled_us. Sorry for late replay. Your request is forwarded to hardware team. Will contact asap when have some info.

Thanks, I will look forward to their reply,

On RAK811 breakout board, L1 is 0 ohm resistor and C1, C2 are not stuff.

Actually, these components should be tuned according the connector or antenna connected to the RAK811. The impedance of RAK811 RF output port is 50 ohm, so if you use a 50 ohm RF cable on it, you can use a 0 ohm resistor for short.