RAK811 can send but no update in TTN application

Issue:RAK811 can send but no update in TTN application

Setup:RAK811 connected to PC via USB, using a Dragino router

Server: TTN

at+join using ABP
[LoRa]:Join Success
[LoRa]: RUI_MCPS_UNCONFIRMED send success
But no result shown in TTN application data
Gateway is connected under TTN
Device status is never seen

Whilst it says Join Success, ABP doesn’t need any form of response from a server. The uplink doesn’t require any form of response from the server either.

The first thing is to look at the gateway logs to check that the gateway heard the uplink.

Then check, double check and triple check the settings on the RAK811 are the same as the ones on the TTN console.

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You can also try to disable framecounter checks on TTN if you are on ABP.

Of course, it shouldn’t hurt if you will try OTAA.

What do you see in the gateway traffic page on TTN, or the gateway’s own logs?

If you see raw messages there which aren’t being decoded by TTN, it’s a LoRaWan level problem such as mismatched node address or secrets or frame counters.

But if you’re not seeing any raw traffic time correlated to your transmissions, it’s a node, gateway or radio settings problem.

Which one? While they sell some actual LoRaWan gateways, they are also a bit notorious for selling people only slightly cheaper “gateways” that are actually nodes only pretending to be gateways and unable to support proper LoRaWan. To actually support LoRaWan, a gateway needs to be based on the SX1301, SX1302 or SX1308 multi-channel/multi-SF concentrator chip.

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Thanks for the reply.
I am using the Dragino LG01-N
After re-configuring the frequency, finally able to send data
However, there is still problem when using the network in my office but no problem when doing the same operation at home

Thanks for your reply. will check the setting again

At home, you might have no restrictions unlike in office where some ports might be close.

On the TTN forum this is what we call a Single Channel Packet Forwarder and we would ask you to disconnect it as it can only receive on one channel whereas LoRaWAN uses 8 channels - so having a ‘thing’ like this on the network can be very disruptive to local devices.

You will see on the Dragino website it says that it is not suitable for LoRaWAN: LG01-N -- Single Channel LoRa IoT Gateway

So your RAK811 will be transmitting on any of the 8 defined channels for your region but the SCPF you have can only hear on one channel - giving you a 1 in 8 chance of it being heard.

I’d return the LG01 and ask for an LPS8!

As others have explained, the LG01 is not a LoRaWan gateway (it is a node pretending to be a gateway) and because it cannot actually fulfill the job of a LoRaWan gateway is is not compatible with LoRaWan nodes.