RAK811 Carrier sense time

Is there an AT command to change the carrier sense time?

If you have any information, I would like to know.

Thank you.

carrier senser?Can I understand that there are no sensors released now?

AS923 of RAK811, “carrier sense” to meet the following standards.

The “ARIB STD-T108 Version 1.0 920 MHz band - Telemeter, Telecontrol and Data Transmission Radio Equipment” specification says something like the following:

Carrier sense
A carrier sense procedure shall be performed before transmitting on a radio channel. It shall be able to determine the presence of RF power on the radio channel (one or more) at a level of at least -80 dBm.
In that case, the channel is considered occupied and shall not be used for transmission.
The analysis duration shall be at least 5 ms for the channels 24 to 38.

Thank you.

Hi @Tsutomu
What document is this? Could you send me a copy for me to check?
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