RAK811 comsumption

i’m using mbed to setup different cards : trackerboard or Breakoutboard and i can’t get a low power consumption the normal consumption is 6.5mA and when tickless is enable i could measure 1.5 mA which is far from 50uA we should expected.
does somebody have already get a RAK in a very low consumption mode, if yes : HOW ?

I also have some RAK8212 boards, and I am not able to reduce power consumption below ~0.8mA
Let me know if you make any progress


We have released a new firmware for RAK811/WisNode_LoRa yesterday, and the power consumption is 10.3uA in sleep mode by using this firmware.

For RAK8212, we’re working hard to reduce its power consumption. I think we will release a new firmware for it next week, and the power cunsumption will be less than 100uA.

As i told you on another thread it’s very cool to heard that you get a low consumption mode on RAK811.
In you configuration (firmware mode with at command) you need another MCU even if the STM of the RAK811 is powerful enough to handle a full stack application.You should think to collaborate to the mbed projet. The’ve already add support to your chip, unfortunately there are missing things like the way to handle a real sleeping state.
You should notice as a chip reseller that many other components will handle lorawan stack so opensourced a good and efficient sample is a way to be on top.
a early RAK adopter :wink: