RAK811 Continuous Transmission Test

I want to run some sort of transmission test as part of a production build confirmation for the RAK811 module. I am running the current latest firmware ( and I cannot see how to put the radio into constant transmit mode.
When I was running firmware I could put the module into test mode (at+set_config=lora:work_mode:2) but still could not set tx mode (at+txc…). Now I cannot even set the device into test mode.
Does anyone know how to run a continuous transmission test or something similar on a RAK811 module?

Hello @Chris
In the new releases of firmware the test mode is absent. But i think Sir @Fomi will be more helpful with this.

Todor Velev

Hi @Chris,

Actually, the test mode is only used in LoRa Alliance testing, and it is not the feature you want. It is useless for most people, so we remove it in the released firmware.

If you want to send data continously, you can do according to one of the following methods:

  1. Use a serial port tool which has the feature of sending AT command frequently;
  2. Use an external MCU to send AT command frequently to RAK811 through UART;
  3. Also, i’ve updated a product practice sample’s source code for RAK811 in Github, you can customize a new firmware based that sample according to their mind and compile with RAK online compiler. Actually, RAK811 v3.0.0.4 firmware is compiled with that sample source code and RAK online compiler too.

Thanks @velev and @Fomi, that clears things up for me and I can use one of those options. I guess I’ll have to connect the RAK811 module to a gateway for it to allow me to send packets though, unless there is a way to send a packet without a network present?

Hi @Chris,

Do you mean you want to send packets continously without connecting with LoRa gateway?
If it is, i think you can send packets in LoRaP2P mode.
More details, please have a look at this document for LoRaP2P usage.

Hi @Fomi,
Ideally I would like to transmit a carrier wave as that is what I have been asked to deliver but I will try the P2P mode with continuous packets and see if that will do, I was using LoRaWAN mode previously which may explain why I could not send packets without the gateway connection. It may be tricky to use packets to test the RF output with the spread spectrum RF but it is a start.

Any update on this topic? Would be very handy to have the radio ina continuous TX mode for RF measurements and certification.


Hello Mike,

RAK811 is EOL. There is no more firmware development for this module and there is no test firmware available.

You might want look into our most recent RAK3172 stamp module. It’s AT command interface includes the testing commands.

Hi @beegee, thanks for the info. How about RAK4270? I’m using this to develop a new product and would be very important to test transmission in this module. Any plans to implement it?

Mike M.

Hello Mike,
We will not implement new functionality into the modules.

For the RAK4270 we have a test firmware that can be flashed over JLink adapter. This test firmware was used for EU EMC testing and provides functions to start a continuous transmission on a changeable frequency, bandwidth, coding-rate, spreading factor and transmit power.

Thanks again @beegee , where can I get this firmware and some guide how to use it? Couldn’t find anything in the “normal” place (RAKwireless Downloads).


Hello Mike,

The test firmware is not available on our Download Center. We give it to customers that really need it for certifications of their products and have purchased a significant amount of devices.