RAK811 DIY node

Hello comunity,

I want to do the most simple node using a RAK811.
Seing the chematics i see it´s necessary the following circuit to ( for 50ohm) connect the lora Antenna.

I know to have a perfect tune these values change from antenna to antenna, but are there any default ones i can start with?

To simplify things, you’ll be good if you minimize the length of trace from the RF out of RAK811 to your antenna connector. Just maintain the PI network (in case your’ll need it) and just put 0ohm. 0402 should be a good choice to minimize the size and still solderable by hand.

There are many reference on critical length online like this Why is There a Transmission Line Critical Length? | PCB Design Blog | Altium.

Also, there’s a recent video from Phil’s Lab on youtube which shows good and easy to understand discussions about RF PCB design Practical RF Hardware and PCB Design Tips - YouTube

Thank you it was the perfect answer!
I will read it carefully.

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