RAK811 Eagle Library

Hi guys,

I am designing a PCB which integrates the RAK811, are there any Eagle design libraries available for this module or am I out of luck? I have downloaded the Altium files available on the downloads page but have failed to convert them to Eagle so far. I’d like to avoid designing them from scratch if possible!


Not tested in a design by myself, but a quick check shows it is accurate:
Eagle library for RAK811

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I don’t know if you can import Libraries from KiCad, because there is a PCB and Schematic library for RAK811 in the oficial KicadRepo:



No, you can’t import KiCad anything in to Eagle.

But you can import Eagle in to KiCad.

Thanks everyone for your input. @beegee that works perfectly, thanks a million! Don’t know how I didn’t come across this on my search :man_facepalming: Thanks you!

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