RAK811 Evaluation Board not responding in Arduino IDE

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Issue:I’m using the WisNode-Arduino-Library examples but I don’t have any response from rak811.
Setup: Arduino Uno R3, RAK811Evaluation Board V1.3 US915, Gateway 7244C
Server: TTN
I am using the WisNode-Arduino-Library examples but I have no response from RAK811, I have followed the whole procedure in “HHT” and I have no response. I attach a snapshot of the Arduino IDE serial monitor.
The RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL seamlessly connects to the gateway using the RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL tool.

This is a recurring issue, most recent answer thread here:

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your answer, please do the 3 steps you mention in the post. Now I can send data out to TTN but not get the downlink messages. Try this solution that is raised in this post

I’m not sure if the Encoder function is well defined

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I’ve never used the encoder, I’d always recommend starting with the simplest possible system. But at first glance it looks entirely like a template - it won’t process the test downlink you’ve used.

So if you remove it, then when your device uplinks, it should get the downlink a few seconds later.

If you think downlink is not working, it is ok to forget the encoder at this point. Focus first on your downlink issue.

Try to check first if the downlink can be received on the rak serial tool. If it is ok, then it can be on the arduino side.

You can also try to send a confirmed message and validate if you can receive an confirmation.

As @nmcc and @carlrowan said, start with something simple and check if your Arduino receives it.

Thanks to everyone for your support.
I finally managed to get the downlink and can control an LED from the TTN platform and Ubidots.
I had to change the node to class A, activate the send confirmation and send the data n times to the platform. These are the commands:
Now the only drawback I have is that I constantly receive ERROR 96 ()

Maybe I would have to modify the sending interval between packet and packet, but I’m not sure what this AT command is for at+set_config=lora:send_interval:X:Y, since I have no idea what values correspond to X and Y

Please please don’t - it’s a community network, the repeats are one thing, but confirms mean the gateway has to transmit which means it can’t hear any other devices whilst it is doing it.

I absolutely can assure you, with a normal working setup, no repeats and confirms are required with the RAK811.

As TTN only supports Class A (in the current working v2 stack), you may want to check out their docs to make sure you are getting the best out of this global shared resource. The following are the ones recommended by on the TTN forum:

Read all of:https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/
The devices section of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/devices/
The gateways section of: Gateways | The Things Network
The network section of: Network | The Things Network
The applications and API sections of: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/

and of course, read the manual / docs for the RAK811 to fine tune your control over the module, like the send interval:

The AT commands are in the Quick Start Guide → Miscellaneous section.

Sorry, I made the corrections regarding what you mention and it works great. Thanks for your answer


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