RAK811 firmware release (updating)

Hi All,

RAK811’s firmware and bootloader has been updated today.
Now, the bootloader version is V3_0_2, and the firmware version is V3.0.0.12.
You can find the compiled firmware and the bootloader file here:

The following content shows the changelog of this version:
1.fix a bug about uart switch fail
2.add gpio_interrupt function with RUI
3.add print RSSI and SNR parameters if received by lora
4.upgrade bootloader vertion to V3_0_2
5.print log normalization
6.fix GPIO read/write re_initialize issue

BTW, we’ve updated the source code of RAK811 products practice on Github:

That means you can customize and compile the firmware by yourself based on RAK811 V3.0.0.12 firmware, but please note that you should use the V3_0_2 bootloader too.

I’ll continously update this topic if we release a new version firmware for RAK811.