Rak811-h at pcbway

Hello all, I am not 100% sure where this should go or if I should contact RAK directly with this question.

I have a product that I use PCBWay (https://www.pcbway.com/) to build and assemble. It uses the Murata LoRa module and things went great for a while. Murata seems to no longer produce their line of LoRa chips, or they are just an unreliable company, that said the RAK811-h is my only other alternative. I am wondering if anyone has produced a board with the RAK module on it? I have been having issues finding it anywhere. Or do you guys buy it from RAK and solder it onto the board yourself?

And sorry if this is in the wrong sections! I can move it if need be!!!

Sad to hear that you can’t get chips from Murata anymore. Best is to talk to them and ask for alternatives.

Regarding RAK811, many companies already used that module. But for new products, we suggest you use RAK4270 which has the latest semtech chip.

Thanks for the fast reply, Is the RAK4270 TELEC certified?
I need a chip that is TELEC certified, The RAK811-h DOES have the certification, does the RAK4270?

I am not aware of TELEC. But these are the certifications we have for RAK4270.


Does this cover TELEC?

And this is how libel lawyers make their money …

I think you’ll find that due to the issues with crystal availability, Murata just have a huge backlog of orders, having sold all their inventory they had quite quickly and then distribution ran out shortly thereafter.

I’d go with the RAK4270 on the simple grounds that adjusting the PCB for a square object of similar size is soooooo much easier than trying to accommodate a rectangular object that is larger.