RAK811 + HDC1080

I´m trying to connect a HDC-1080 temperature sensor to my RAK811. Can´t find way.
RAK811 + custom board. Looking into or C developed or using the arduino

I´ve been trying for a while connnecting a HDC1080 sensor to a RAK811 chip using a custom board.
My first issue is actually programming the RAK811 to communicate with the HDC.
I+ve been trying in a first approach to use the arduino libraries for that.
As anyone had any project like this that could help?

Hello @bioshock2k

Are you controlling the RAK811 from a host MCU over AT commands or are you running your custom firmware on the RAK811?

In the first case (host MCU and AT commands), it is difficult to use the temperature sensor as you could only use the



In the second case, instead of using Arduino, you could have a look into our RUI V2 API. You can write your custom firmware with RUI V2 and control the temperature sensor.
RUI V2 documentation => Getting Started | RAKwireless Documentation Center
RUI V2 examples => GitHub - RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0
RUI V2 online compiler => https://build.rakwireless.com/

RUI V2 is free to use.