RAK811 initial DataRate

RAK 811 V3.0.0.3H

Hi friends,
Is there any possibility to control initial DR ? In the 2.x.x.x version there was a “at+dr” command, ADR on-off (at+set_config=adr:on / off ) etc.
How does ADR work in this new version? I have noticed “Current Datarate” and “Primeval Datarate” is remembered somehow even after reset or power off.
If it is possible more explanation would be appreciated.
Thanks Antonin

Hi @Hofmann,

You can have a look at our document:

In this document, you will find that there are two AT commands for ADR and DR.

You can use them to control ADR and DR.:slight_smile:

Hi Fomi,
Great ! Thanks for your reply.
One more question…

  1. what about initial power, ( at+set_config=pwr_level ) ?
  2. In some last version 2.x.x.x was an error - DR was lost after sleep->wake up, more precisely - after wake up DR was initialized to its default value, so DR negotiation was lost and ADR didn’t work correctly after wake up.

After wake up, rw_LoadUsrConfig() was called and there
mibReq.Param.ChannelsDatarate = g_lora_config.def_tx_dr;
LoRaMacMibSetRequestConfirm( &mibReq );

… I will test it for but just to calm me :slight_smile: do you think it is fixed for 3.x.x.x, it means - DR and Power is set by ADR and values are persisted between sleep-wake up cycles ?

Thx Ant

Hi @Hofmann,

The current firmware can not set initial power through AT command, but the power can be set by ADR.

About DR, 3.x.x.x version firmware has fixed that issue surely.:slight_smile: