RAK811 is unresponsive using LMIC library

Hi community,

I have been facing the issue of my RAK811 crashing after 1-3 days of working when programming it using this library.


Do you have idea of what it may be?
I am also using the STM32LowPower.h library to try to reduce consumptions.

Hi @bioshock2k ,

There are many possible reasons why it will crash. Could be electrical, software application code or even the library itself. Since it is a STM32Duino port, the best place to get support will still be their github repository unless the issue is somehow related to the hardware module itself.

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I understand, but on the electrical part should i be worried?
I am using a regulator to power my RAK811. It shouldn´t be an issue…

I am just thinking aloud. I am not sure what is the setup of your circuit. Actually, I feel that the electrical reason could be less likely the reason unless your circuit is surrounded by lots of EMI noises.

I find the STM32Duino for RAK811 a bit unstable. Honestly, I still have a pending issue with that and the LMIC port of MCCI. I can’t successfully join an OTAA before.

If it is FW related issue (STM32Duino), you need to do some test and have a repeatable fault. Else, it will be hard to fix it.

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Thank you i did send my question there!

Also i tried to disable the STM32 low power library and now my crash is gone…
Maybe something with that library is messing up.

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