Rak811 joined but can´t send data


Hi, I’m getting my first experience with lorawan network. The gateway is connected and the node is connected or joined. I see that on TTN console.
The problem is with at+send command after joined…it return an error-1 code. Why?

(Vladislav Yordanov) #2

Hi Avaz,

Can you tell me exactly what parameters you use for the command?

at+send= ???

(Vladislav Yordanov) #3

Also could you make a screenshot of the TTN console, so we can see what packets are received there, should be just the OTAA join request, right ?



Join by OTAA
“at+send=1,2,hex data [ ]\r\n”


Sorry…the hex data array must be on ascii code. I send it as integer on my code.

best regards

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SF8. BWD500, wow isn’t that a bit too much :slight_smile: