RAK811 LoRaP2P No Sleep?

I have a RAK811 WisDuo in LoRaP2P mode and need it to perform low power sleep mode where it wakes on message received.

I know this is possible in LoRaWAN mode but upon sending the sleep command “at+set_config=device:sleep:1”, the module returns with “RUI_AT_LORA_BUSY”.

I have traced this down through the firmware to the RUI API call of “rui_device_sleep” and that seems to be returning a “RUI_LORA_STATUS_BUSY” response.

Is this a bug or is it a fact that the RAK811 can only go to sleep mode in LoRaWAN mode?

Firmware Version: “RAK811 Version:”


Hi. You can wake the module to receive the message. But how to deep sleep and also listen? This is not how this works.
Please describe your goals more detailed, so we can find suitable solution :slight_smile:


As per RAK811 Lora Module Datasheet V1.4 in section 2 “Features” it describes “Low power consumption, 500nA on standby, in-air wake-up supported.”.

In-air wake-up does not seem to work in P2P mode as in P2P mode the RAK811 will not go to standby at all or low power consumption.

I want a RAK811 module in LoRaP2P mode which can go into standby mode (very low power) but will wake upon a message being received