RAK811 LoRaWAN port in Data Transmission mode

Issue: Can’t change LoRaWAN port when in Data Transmission mode

Setup: RAK 811 breakout board + RAK7258 LoRa Gateway

Server: Chirpstack


Hello everyone,

I was experimenting with RAK811, and stumbled upon “at+set_config=device:uart_mode:‘index’:‘mode’” command, that according to the documentation " set the UART operation from AT configuration mode to data transmission mode" . While it worked successfully and was able to send ( and receive) message to and from LoRa gateway, I noticed that LoRaWAN port ( or fPort in Chirpstack ) was always 8. Is that a default value, and is there a way to choose the LoRaWAN Port before entering Data Transmission mode ?

Hi @ptr321 ,

Yes. On data transmission mode, the fport is fixed to 8.

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