RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module


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I have recently purchased the RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Module from RAK store.

I just want to know if the Spreading Factor/SF can be adjusted (7-12) via AT Commands?.

Is this option available?.

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Yes, by setting the data rate, from the docs:

  1. at+set_config=lora:dr:<dr>
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Or, if you want to use LoRa P2P mode, the SF is set with

Parameter: Value
frequency Frequency, the unit is Hz
The default is 869525000 Hz.
spreadfact Spreading factor
The default is 12.
bandwidth 0: 125 kHz
1: 250 kHz
2: 500 kHz

The default is 0.
codeingrate 1: 4/5
2: 4/6
3: 4/7
4: 4/8

The default is 1.
preamble Preamble Length. 5~65535
The default is 8.
power TX power. The unit is in dBm. 5~20
The default is 20.

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